My name is Damian Bednarz. I was born in Wadowice on 28.03.1994. I live with a family in Wielkie Drogi – a small village located in Lesser Poland voivodeship in between Draboż hill (435 masl) and the Vistula river and also not far from fish ponds complex in Zator. Photography has became my passion since the 5th grade when I got my first camera. Nowadays, I devote every moment of my leisure time to photography trying my best to develop it as much as possible.
  • 3rd place in Polish nationwide photo contest „Dolina Karpia w obiektywie”ia w obiektywie".
  • Honourable mention in international photo contest „Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011” in 15-17 year-old category
  • Winner of a contest for a picture with a story -”Twój skrzydlaty okaz tego lata”
  • Place among winners in Polish nationwide photo contest „Ptasia Polska 2010”
  • Honourable mention(the first place wasn't awarded) in Polish nationwide photo contest „Łowiec Polski” im. Włodzimierza Puchalskiego
  • Honourable mention in county's photo contest „Powiat w obiektywie”



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